Kittery Trading Post Settles Spyderco Counterfeit Lawsuit

Yesterday, Kevin Inc., the owner of Kittery Trading Post, settled out of court with Spyderco. In its complaint, Spyderco had alleged that the outdoor retailer sold counterfeit versions of the Spyderco Military and Paramilitary 2. The news marks the end of a legal battle that began in December 2016.

Spyderco initially filed suit in Colorado, but in July 2017 the case was dismissed on jurisdictional grounds. In August, the company refiled in Kevin Inc.’s home state of Maine, with a modified docket to reflect that state’s laws.

The original complaint included photographs of knives marked with price tags with the words ‘CLONE PARAMILITARY’ and ‘CLONE MILITARY.’ “Kevin Inc. was thus aware of exactly what it was doing when it chose to offer for sale through its store the Counterfeit Knives,” Spyderco wrote in the complaint.

Few details are available regarding the nature of the settlement, but Spyderco did issue this statement:

“Spyderco brought to Kittery Trading Post’s attention that it was selling pre-owned counterfeit Spyderco products. Kittery Trading Post recognizes that counterfeit products are a critical problem for American industry and that Kittery Trading Post unwittingly facilitated the sale of these pre-owned products. Spyderco and Kittery Trading Post have now worked together to address these problems and rectified the situation to the parties’ satisfaction.”

Kevin Inc. did not respond to our request for a statement.

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In 2017, Spyderco also filed suit against eBay over counterfeit products on its e-commerce website. eBay settled the lawsuit in November.

Knife featured in image: Spyderco Paramilitary 2