Kizer Aggressor Brings 3V to a Lower Price Range

The Kizer Aggressor joins a bustling second wave of new for 2023 releases from the company. A collaboration with Assassin Knives, the Aggressor offers a hard-working front flipper design and a desirable super steel blade at an appealingly low price.

Don’t be fooled by the name: the Aggressor is actually quite gentlemanly. Its blade length comes in just under 3 inches, with drop point shape well-suited to the demands of both day-to-day and dressier carry. The sleek vibe of the Aggressor carries forward into the opening method too; this one is front flipper only, so the blade’s silhouette is uncluttered by flipper tab, thumb stud, or opening hole.

The front flipper tab itself is very low profile

The Aggressor will be releasing in two different configurations, each with its own handle material, color scheme, and, most importantly, blade steel. One Aggressor is made from 154CM, Kizer’s go-to for knives in this sub-$100 price range, but the second Aggressor option is made from CPM-3V. 3V is a semi-stainless super steel designed to be as tough as possible. If you’ve spent any time on knife YouTube you’ve certainly seen a video or two demonstrating the extreme ruggedness of this stuff. Even with this significant upgrade, the 3V Aggressor is still affordable; with a price tag of $89, it’s just about the cheapest 3V folder we’ve ever seen.

The Aggressor’s handle shape matches the blade in terms of low-key elegance, with a simple, guardless arcing shape and mild contouring to usher the fingers to the right places. The material for the scales is either tan burlap Micarta (on the 154CM flavor) or burgundy Richlite (on the 3V version); both versions have full stainless steel liners, a liner lock mechanism, and a weight right around 3.6 oz.

Assassin Knives is the shop name of Armenian custom maker Arsen Arsenjan. He has worked with Kizer before, designing the In-Yan, an enormous folder that released a couple years ago. The Aggressor is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Kizer Aggressor

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