Kizer Contest Gives Fans Chance to Get Their Gear Designs Produced

Kizer has just announced a month-long design contest for its fans to participate in. Called Kizer Fans Design Day, it gives the community a chance to submit designs in certain product categories to Kizer. The winners will see their creations produced by the company.

There are two different categories that Kizer is currently seeking submissions for. The first is patches. These patches are a common sight in the larger EDC world; sometimes they’re even included with knife purchases – something Kizer has been known to do. According to Kizer, they want these patch submissions to pertain to their company and work, but other than this obvious stipulation they’re giving their fans free rein.

Kizer’s also running a second category in the contest for pocket tools. There are rules as far as the size of the tool: “[it] should be under 3-inch in length and 2-inch in width,” Kizer writes in the official announcement post. But in terms of what that tool can be, well, that seems to be left open for interpretation. The dimensions probably preclude any conventional knife designs, but one piece multitools, whistles, carabiners and the like are probably likely categories.

Winners in each category will of course get the final product once it has been made, as well as a Vanguard knife model. Submissions for the patch must be in Illustrator (.AI ), Core IDRAW(.CDR), AutoCAD (.DXF), or Encapsulated PostScript (.EPS); for the pocket tool Kizer will only consider CAD file submissions.

Kizer made its intentions about offering a well-rounded selection of products clear from the early days of its success. Since then they have produced whistles, impact tools, and even eating utensils in addition to its bread-and-butter work with knives. Kizer also has a long history of scouting fresh design talent in addition to signing up established names. It was the first company to provide a platform for designers like Elijah Isham, for instance.

And since so many of us are still staying safely indoors during this pandemic, now might be a good time to stretch your design skills and give this contest a shot. Kizer will be accepting entries now through June 14th.

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