Blade Show 2017 Kizer Releases are a Mix of New Products and Revamped Favorites

Kizer is continuing to expand its offerings at Blade Show 2017. Located at booth #437, its newest releases include a knife design from Matthew Christensen, some special editions of popular models, and its first non-knife products. All of these projects are on the horizon for the back half of the year.

Kizer Booth

When we spoke with knife maker Matthew Christensen last year, he told fans to keep an eye out for his first production collab from Kizer and now it’s here. The Critical is a large knife but has a streamlined, technical look, emphasized by an angular 3.6-inch wharncliffe blade made from S35VN. A series of holes have been cut into the handle similar to what we’ve seen on popular Kizer offerings like the Guru and the Lancer, and an anodized back spacer gives a touch of color to the design. Kizer’s David Sun describes the Critical as “a Wharncliffe blade for just about any situation.”

Kizer Critical

Special Runs, Limited Editions, and the First Redesign
Kizer is also giving some popular models unusual special treatments. The Shoal, Intrepid, Flashbang, and Dorado models are all seeing limited releases. These special runs will have upgraded M390 steel, but in an interesting twist the designs themselves have also been scaled down from the originals. With new blade lengths right around three inches and weighs all under 4 oz., they should be easier to EDC than the standard models.

The Gemini, the most popular Kizer folder to date, has been singled out for a serialized special run in Thor pattern Damasteel. Designed for the Kizer collector, the prototype of this knife is on display at Kizer’s Blade Show booth, but still slated for more development based on suggested from designer Ray Laconico before it is released.

Kizer Gemini Damasteel

An old Kizer model, the Zugang, has been given an update to bring it more in step with modern knife trends. The company has retained the unusual blade shape but removed some of the extraneous detail like the hole in the blade. We have been told in the past to expect other redesigns of these older Kizer knives.

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EDC Tools
Kizer is breaking into the wider EDC market with the Siren and the Deadfish. A lot of knife users carry other handy gear with them and these tools cater to that market. The Siren a 120 decibel whistle with a bottle opener built in, and the Deadfish is a fairly traditional one piece multitool. Both items are made from titanium and will be available in two different finishes.

Kizer EDC Tools

Knife featured in image: Kizer Critical