Kizer Reveals Three New Models to Deliver on 2017 Product Strategy

In September, Kizer told us that it was trying to prevent product overload by introducing fewer knives and a more diverse lineup in 2017. Today, Kizer’s David Sun gives us an exclusive look at three new for 2017 knives the company will be bringing to SHOT Show next month. Kizer hopes that a Santoku-inspired folding knife, a modern day switchblade, and an office-friendly front flipper will inject some much-needed variety into the catalog.

The Megatherium is an oversized, stylized flipper with a 3.6” blade and a full length handle. “It’s a high-concept knife: a folding Santoku that doesn’t sacrifice everyday utility,” says Kizer’s David Sun. The disappearing flipper tab and exaggerated bolster show a mix of artistry and attitude. “Designer Elija Isham’s style has an element of surrealism – but if you look beyond the exterior you see it’s very purpose-driven,” Sun tells us. “Everything has a point.”

Kizer Megatherium

“We’ve been very aggressive about finding different designs, and the Wakulla is very different,” says Sun. The Wakulla, designed by Steve Jernigan, is styled like a switchblade, but uses a front flipper or thumb stud launch the 3.5” blade. In keeping with the theme of variety, the Wakulla will be available in two different blade shapes upon release: a modified wharncliffe and a clip point.

Kizer Wakulla

Kizer makes a lot of big knives, but the Justin Lundquist-designed Feist is their attempt at making the perfect office knife. Sun says its front flipper action is purposely slower so as not to alert others around you when you use it. “This is built to be a little bit different. It’s not the speediest knife out there.” The Feist weighs just 2.58 oz., but still manages to incorporate a frame lock for extra rigidity.

Kizer Feist

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“We’re really working towards a coherent design philosophy.”
Kizer originally intended to scale back its releases in the new year, but it seems that plans have changed. The Megatherium, Wakulla, and Feist are part of a 20 product lineup that will be introduced over the first half of 2017. Although release dates (and prices) are still being worked out, that would equate to roughly three new knives per month. Kizer is also working on more releases for the second half of the year.

Sun says Kizer remains committed to pursuing collaboration projects that won’t overlap with products already in the catalog. “We want these to be collaborations, not OEM projects,” he explains. “We’re really working towards a coherent design philosophy. That’s not something that’s going to happen overnight.”

Knife featured in image: Kizer Megatherium