Kizer Militaw Marries Smart Design to Strong Materials

Kizer kicked off September with a bang, with a huge batch of new stuff arriving seemingly all at once. On Friday the 1st, we spoke about the Mystic, newest design from Paul Munko; today we’re taking a look at the Militaw, a robust working knife that doesn’t skimp on the premium feel.

The Militaw comes to us from Jonathan Styles, a custom maker who sells his own stuff, as well as other outdoor products besides, through his online storefront, Newfoundland Knife Co. Styles’s personal style is simplicity itself; there’s no attempt to cave into the impulse for ornamentation or ostentation here. And, although his custom work consists mostly of fixed blades, Styles brought that same philosophy to bear on this latest Kizer collaboration.

We’ve got a 3.35-inch blade length here, smack dab in the sweet spot for everyday carry (at least, for those unencumbered by length restrictions). The shape is an honest, salt of the earth drop point, with a long swedge that takes the spine down to a sturdy, pierce-capable tip. It’s a drop point! You know it, you love it, it’ll slice, dice, chop, and pierce with ease. And in terms of opening, you get both a front flipper and an opening cutout on the Militaw – equally friendly to lefties and righties.

The front flipper is low profile

The steel market has never been more exciting, and that’s great, but it does mean that old standbys, like S35VN, which we see on the Militaw’s blade, can get left behind in the general rush of enthusiasm. The new stuff may outperform it in a direct comparison,but S35VN still gets the stamp of approval here, with more than enough edge retention and stain resistance to excel in a daily user role.

Finally there’s the handle, made of course from titanium, and graced with asymmetrical, column-shaped Micarta inlays. Too, there’s a sculpted titanium pocket clip, and a frame lock mechanism (unlike the opening devices, both these elements favor righties). In total, the Militaw weighs 3.9 oz.

It’s available now, alongside a batch of other new Kizer models.

Knife in Featured Image: Kizer Militaw

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