Knife as Hairpin? Woman’s bold move can’t beat metal detector

There are many uses for a knife. But who would contemplate using one as a hairpin? A woman in Kunming, China did just that, but the knife was not intended to keep her hair up.  She did it to smuggle a kitchen knife with a 3-inch blade past airport security according to the South China Morning Post.

After being detained, the woman insisted the knife was indeed a hair accessory – but later changed her story.  Facing a long wait for her flight, the woman said she was going to use the knife only to cut fruit in the airport’s passenger lounge.  “She bought some fruits when travelling in Yunnan and worried that the waiting time to board would be long. So she wanted to bring a fruit knife to cut up her food as a snack,” an airport security official said.

The incident was captured by security cameras and appears to show the woman adjusting the knife before entering the security checkpoint.  She is later approached by a Chinese security worker who checks her hair after she apparently set off the metal detector.

Airport security officials confiscated the knife but it is unclear if the woman was allowed to continue on her flight or if she was detained by Chinese authorities.

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