Knife Rights Ultimate Steel Mega Lottery Funds Knife Law Reform

Knife Rights takes action on behalf of American knife users to unravel a patchwork of senseless and archaic knife laws at the local, state, and federal level. To raise funds, the organization has kicked off its annual mega lottery, the Ultimate Steel Spectacular, and with as little as $20, knife users can help fuel the fight and buy a chance to win a stake in over $200,000 in custom, limited edition and production knives, celebrity-signed knives, guns and more.

Since 2010, Knife Rights helped pass 22 pro-knife bills in 16 states, and has no plans on slowing down. “We’re not some flash in the pan,” Knife Rights Chairman Doug Ritter tells us. “When we first started people wondered if we were going to accomplish anything. Now the only question is, ‘What’s next?'”

2017 Knife Law Reform Updates
Knife Rights kicked off the year with the Knife Owners’ Protection Act of 2017 (KOPA). Authored by Knife Rights and introduced by Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs, the Knife Owners’ Protection Act of 2017 (KOPA) aims to repeal the infamous Federal Switchblade Act of 1958, eliminating restrictions on interstate trade and travel of automatic knives.

In March, Knife Rights scored a major victory in Colorado, where the ban on automatic and gravity knives was repealed. Not only will Coloradans be able to own and carry these knives, but manufacturers like Golden, Co.-based Spyderco will be free to produce these products in-state once again.

Numerous other Knife Rights initiatives are still in progress – most notably in Michigan, Texas, and Georgia. Legislation to legalize automatics in Michigan recently passed the Senate. The Texas Knife Law Reform Bill is waiting in the wings for a floor vote in the Texas House of Representatives. This bill would remove the a definition of ‘Illegal Knife’ in the Texas Penal code that prohibits the carry of daggers, knives over 5.5”, and even Texas’ most famous piece of cutlery, the Bowie. In Georgia, a bill containing the language of the Knife Rights Georgia Knife Law Reform Bill is awaiting the signature of Gov. Nathan Deal – a milestone which could occur this weekend at the NRA Annual Meeting in Atlanta.

Ultimate Steel
The Ultimate Steel Spectacular is a gigantic lottery which helps Knife Rights raise money to fund its operations. Every donation to Knife Rights gives supporters entries for a chance to win one of countless prizes that total over $200,000 in value.

Prizes this year include a custom Olamic Cutlery Wayfarer Compact, a Dave Curtiss F3, and a Michael Zieba S1 mid-tech, among many others. There is even an African safari trip up for grabs. “It just doesn’t get any better for a fundraiser. There’s something here for everyone,” says Ritter.

Beyond the lottery prizes, Knife Rights is offering exclusive versions of popular production knives for those who give more. This year the exclusive blades include a SOG Flash II, an ESEE Izula, a CE-100 Nemesis, a Cold Steel Swift I, and a Hogue Damascus EX-A05 for those who give at the $100, $200, $300, $500, and $1000 levels respectively.

You can make donations between now and the end of July to be eligible to win, but any donations made before May 15th will also get your entries into a special Early Bird drawing.

Knife Rights will have almost $100,000 dollars of Ultimate Steel prizes on display at the NRA Annual Meeting (Booth 3717) this weekend in Atlanta.

Knife featured in image: Spartan Harsey Folder