Ultimate Steel Knives Fuel the Fight for our Knife Rights

“We don’t take no for an answer,” says Doug Ritter, Chairman of Knife Rights. The stubbornness of its leader has driven Knife Rights to help rewrite knife legislation across the United States since it began in 2006.

“Doug Ritter is one of the most hard working and dedicated guys that I know. If you look at what they’ve accomplished for the cause, it’s because of the leadership at the top and it’s a credit to him.” Evan F. Nappen, attorney and author of Knife Laws of the U.S., told us. Nappen, who has also written books about gun laws, says that the knife rights movement is more successful than the highly publicized gun rights movement, and in large part that is due to the efforts of Ritter and Knife Rights.

In 2010, Knife Rights managed to repeal the Switchblade ban and pass a subsequent preemption bill in New Hampshire, an entirely Democrat-controlled state. It was the nation’s first knife ban repeal and the kind of thing the knife industry was hesitant to take on up until that point, Nappen told us. But, if it could happen in a Democrat-controlled state, it could happen anywhere.

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Knife Rights’ recent victories include the total repeal of the Wisconsin switchblade ban and five years after initially filing it, finally receiving a court date for their lawsuit against New York City.

To help the cause, knife-carrying Americans are asked to become a member and call and write to their legislators expressing their desire for change. It may not seem like much but according to Ritter, when specific cases arise, 100 calls or emails can make a huge difference in a representative’s perceptions.

2016 Ultimate Steel Spectacular
Supporters can also help by making a donation to Knife Rights. The organization is currently running its annual fundraiser, the Ultimate Steel Spectacular. Every donation to Knife Rights gives supporters entries into a huge prize lottery. Ultimate Steel has grown from $75,000 worth of prizes in its first year, to over $200,000 worth of prizes in 2016. The blades up for grabs this year include a $25,000 Damascus Fighter from Harvey J. Dean and Barry Lee Hands, a Pro-Tech Ultimate Custom Godfather, and a Damascus Sebenza 21. As winners are drawn, they are able to pick their prize from among the remaining offerings.

Donating at certain levels also provides a chance to win special edition knives. The Knife Rights exclusive blades include a Spyderco Ambitious, an ESEE Izula, a Benchmade Amicus, and a Hogue Damascus EX-A01 for those who give at the $100, $200, $500, and $1000 levels respectively.

100% of the proceeds from Ultimate Steel go to funding Knife Rights’ ongoing efforts on our behalf. You can make donations between now and the end of July to be eligible to win, but any donations made before May 26th will also get you entries into the Early Bird drawing.

Knife featured in image: Spartan PALLAS Button Lock Folder