Knife and Prepper YouTube Channels Hacked

Multiple knife and prepper-related YouTube channels have been compromised in what a notorious hacker group boasts is the biggest hack in YouTube history. Yesterday, ‘OurMine’ gained access to as many as 1,200 YouTube channels and altered the titles and descriptions of most of their videos. PreparedMind101, Gideonstactical, WranglerStar and TheUrbanPrepper are among those affected.

The channels are clients of Studio71. The media agency represents content creators on YouTube and appears to be the origin of the security breach. According to a source within the YouTuber community, it could take the social media video platform up to 3 days to restore all titles, descriptions, and metadata. In the meantime, YouTubers are advised against changing titles and descriptions themselves.


OurMine Hack

OurMine has performed similar stunts in the past. On April Fool’s day they targeted the Omnia Media Network impacting roughly 300 channels. The group claims to be an internet security firm, with their high-profile hacks serving as advertising for their services.

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While the incident has other knife YouTubers changing their passwords, they tell us YouTube’s recent move to stifle the revenues of political and gun channels is of much greater concern. They fear that knife and prepper channels will be the next targets.