Top 5 Knife YouTubers According to Knife YouTubers

YouTube is an amazing resource for knife information and knife reviews, but with so much content being produced it can be hard to know which channels should be at the top of the subscribe list.

YouTuber Kevin Cleary recently posted a video called “Top Five YouTube Knife Channels as chosen by YouTube Knife Channels.” The name may be a mouthful, but the premise is irresistible: Cleary polled fellow YouTube knife content makers, asking them to pick their five favorite knife channels, so knife viewers can see what the people they watch are watching.

The poll had unexpected results in terms of who made the top 5 and who didn’t. Cleary himself was surprised that huge channels like Nutnfancy didn’t place, while comparatively small channels like Nick Shabazz and EpicSnuggleBunny held the top two spots.

Cleary reckons the difference is in scope. Channels where knives are the focus did better than those that cover more topics. “[On a gear channel] You might see a knife review, then a tent review, then a backpack review, etcetera. Maybe if it was top 5 gun or gear reviewers the results would’ve been totally different,” he says.

1. Nick Shabazz
Nick Shabazz’s channel has catapulted to the front of the scene with its mix of reviews, disassemblies, and knife philosophy pieces. “His voice is different which like it or not makes him stand out, and his content is a great balance of technical detail, fun, and opinion,” says Cleary.

2. EpicSnuggleBunny
There’s more to EpicSnuggleBunny’s channel than an interesting moniker. Cleary says this reviewer delves into the background of the blades that cross in front of his camera. “His videos are not just about the knife. He always gets the full story. He always seems to have the latest and greatest.”

3. TheApostleP
TheApostleP leverages his professional sharpening business to cover a staggering variety of knives. His long reviews examine elements of build and design as much as the knife itself. “He’s definitely the most technically knowledgeable. You always learn something from him,” Cleary tells us.

4. Cutlerylover
Cutlerylover is the largest channel in the top 5 by far. “I remember Googling different models of knives that I was interested in when I first started doing this,” Cleary recalls. “Every single time Cutlerylover would have a video about it.”

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5. 3-Way Tie: Birdshot IV, MindlessMark07, and Ekim Knives
A husband/wife review team, Birdshot IV‘s casual approach resonates with viewers. They’re light on technical details but remain fun and informative. “They’re not overly technical, and I think there’s really something to that,” Cleary says.

MindlessMark07 specializes in high-end custom knives. His limited output and focus on knives that are inaccessible to most limits his audience, but Cleary finds custom knife coverage to be helpful. “Customs drive the industry and this is a great way to see what’s coming.”

Instead of reviews, Ekim Knives focuses on How-To videos for knife makers. “It has great content,” Cleary tells us. “Totally worth watching especially if you’re wanting to learn about the intricacies of how these things are made.”

Knife featured in image: CRKT Jettison