KnifeNews Launches: Welcome!

KnifeNews Launches to Deliver the News and Stories Knife People Want

Only daily news reporting service for the knife world launches with infographic featuring insights about knife people, and a countdown to the inaugural Top 25 Knife Brands

KnifeNews launched today to deliver knife people like us the news and stories we want. KnifeNews is the only daily news service for the knife carrying community, reporting the latest news about new and popular knives, production knife companies, custom makers, innovations, and features topics that matter to the knife people.

“There are exciting and innovative developments in the knife industry on a daily basis and knife people want to know about them,” says Alex Antoniou, KnifeNews owner. “The knife carrying community has the best forums, bloggers, reviewers, publications, dealers, events, associations and companies, but what it doesn’t have is a daily news reporting service. KnifeNews wants to fulfill that need, and we’re thrilled to have the support of those we’ve already spoken to in the industry – and thank everyone for their support and encouragement.  We will work hard to keep knife people even more informed and engaged”.