KnifeNews Readers’ Choice Awards Celebrate Your Favorite Knives of 2018

Presented by: Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpeners

KnifeNews is excited to announce the first ever Readers’ Choice Awards, recognizing the best production knives of the year. Thanks once again to the generous support of our sponsors Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpeners, next Monday we will begin announcing the best knives of 2018, according to…you, our readers!

For the last two years we’ve turned to the amazing network of dealers to help determine the best of the best in the production knife realm. This year we wanted to celebrate the other half of the knife world: the consumers themselves. Since our launch in 2015 we at KnifeNews have had the pleasure of discovering that knife users, fans, and nuts of all stripes comprise one of the most passionate and well-informed enthusiast communities in the world, and we wanted to give that passion a chance to shine.

Work Sharp

Even though you’ll be doing the choosing this year, expect the same ten category format seen in the Dealers’ Choice Awards. We have made a few changes to last year’s categories. “Best New Automatic Knife” and “Best New Multitool” are being swapped out this year for the return of “Best New Fixed Blade for EDC” and a brand new category: “Best New Slipjoint/Non-Locking Knife”

When and How to Vote
We’ll be opening the polls up on the main KnifeNews page this Friday, November 23rd, at 10am EST; you can vote any time until 12am midnight EST, Monday, November 26th. You’ll be able to cast a vote for your favorite knife in each of the ten categories; an option to write in a nominee for each category will also be available.

Then, starting on Monday afternoon, we’ll be kicking the awards announcements off with a new one each day, five days a week, starting with Best New Tactical Fixed Blade and ending with Best Overall New for 2018 Lineup on Friday, December 7th. You can see the complete schedule below. Thanks so much for participating in the first ever Readers’ Choice Awards! We’re so excited to see which knives captured your attention and admiration this year.


Monday, November 26: Best New Tactical Fixed Blade 2018

Tuesday, November 27: Best New Fixed Blade for EDC 2018

Wednesday, November 28: Best New Outdoors Fixed Blade 2018

Thursday, November 29: Best Knife Upgrade 2018

Friday, November 30: Best New Slipjoint/Non-Locking Knife 2018

Monday, December 3: Best New High-End Knife 2018 (MSRP of $300 or more)

Tuesday, December 4: Best New Value Folder 2018 (MSRP of $100 or less)

Wednesday, December 5: Best New Manual Folder 2018

Thursday, December 6: Most Innovative New Knife 2018

Friday, December 7: Best Overall New for 2018 Lineup

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