KnivesShipFree Celebrates National Knife Day with Three-Part Giveaway

Presented by: KnivesShipFree

August 24th, National Knife Day, is almost here. Needless to say, you can expect jubilation and celebration of your favorite hobby on social media and the forums. And if you get yourself a knife to celebrate (as is tradition), be sure to visit KnivesShipFree; the dealer is celebrating in style with a three-day giveaway that tailors the prizes to the type of knife you buy.

The contest is split into three categories: fixed blade, folder, and kitchen knife. Purchasing a knife in one of those genres enters you into a drawing for a grail knife in that category.

If you pick up a fixed blade, you have a chance to win a Randall Model 1 All-Purpose Fighting Knife. The Model 1 is a legend, one of the most famous fixed blades from one of the most famous makers in the field. The Model 1 has been in circulation since the 50s, and still has the chops to compete with the many, many knives that have been inspired by it and followed in its wake.

For those who make a folder purchase, a KSF exclusive Chris Reeve Knives Sebenza 21 with Red Linen Micarta Inlays is up for grabs. If you’re reading this right now you know about the Sebenza 21; but something that doesn’t get played up as much is the aesthetic, visual elements of the knife are as impressive as its storied functionality. The KSF exclusive’s inlays really let that side of the Sebenza shine, introducing a splash of color that really sets off the monochromatic handles and hardware.

KSF has always offered a robust selection of enthusiast-grade kitchen cutlery, and if you buy anything culinary-related between now and Monday, you could end up winning a Shun Premier Santoku alongside your purchase. Shun is a KAI brand, and a standby in premium Japanese kitchen knives. The particular Santoku KSF picked for a prize ticks all the boxes, with a stainless damascus-clad VG-10 blade, hammered finish, and Pakkawood handle.

The giveaway is running from today through National Knife Day itself. KSF tells us that multiple purchases will indeed give you multiple entries, so if you’re thinking about getting yourself something sharp to celebrate the greatest holiday of the year, now is a great time to do it.

Knife in Featured Image: Randall Made Model 1