KnivesShipFree Team Will Fulfill Derrick Bohn’s Vision

The knife world has begun to mourn the death of Dr. Derrick Bohn, Owner and Founder of KnivesShipFree, who passed away suddenly as the result of a brain aneurysm on Tuesday.

The events are shocking and devastating, given both how young Derrick was and how close he was to his family. But the employees of KnivesShipFree are stepping up on his behalf to ensure that Derrick’s plans for his company continue. The team remains committed to maintaining the core vision of a comprehensive digital and brick-and-mortar storefront for quality cutlery. “Derrick worked hard every day to ensure that we had the best selection of knives and the most amazing customer service,” KSF wrote in an email newsletter. “Please rest assured that none of that will change.”

In the wake of the tragedy, remembrances and sympathy began to pour in from the community, on social media and knife-related blogs. In addition to running KnivesShipFree, Derrick was an establish personality in the knife world. He maintained a lively YouTube channel, spoke directly to customers about his products on forums and podcasts, and in general remained a passionate advocate of knives. Derrick came across as somebody who loved cutlery, not just somebody who sold it.

Derrick’s passing occurred just days before KSF’s scheduled move from Escanaba, Michigan to Chattanooga, Tennessee. The company is en route to the new location now, and standard business is expected to resume on Tuesday, May 29th. Any orders placed between now and then will ship next week.

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