Kombou is Back with a Fresh New Bestech Blade

Grzegorz Grabarski, known online by his moniker Kombou, has returned to Bestech with a new folding knife design, the Samari. The Samari brings Kombou’s particular biomechanoid style to his largest production knife design yet.

A Kombou design is always a highly stylized affair, from tip to tail; but the Samari’s blade has to be the star of the show here. Not only is it quite large at 3.8 inches long, but its shape is unusual – unusual in a way that might not be evident at first glance. It may look like a more or less typical drop point, but upon closer inspection, you’ll see a tanto-style angle in the blade – not out near the tip as is typical, but along the length of the sweeping belly.

This angular element may complicate a few slicing shores, but for the most part seems to be an aesthetic choice that doesn’t affect the Samari’s primary role of light-to-medium-duty EDC knife. The Samari’s blade is slender and nimble, with an elongated tip for piercing. It opens with a standard flipper tab and is made from M390 blade steel.

In his other work for Bestech Kombou showcased a predilection for tapering handles, and the Samari follows suite. Devoid of any finger grooves, it arches gently down towards a narrow back end. The millwork on front and back scales has been done in a scalloped, skeletal pattern that follows in the aesthetic footsteps of prior releases like the Ornetta. A partial backspacer has been sculpted in a complimentary style, and anodized to match the rest of the handle.

A titanium frame lock tipped with a steel insert provide security and rigidity during use, and the slim dimensions and titanium construction help keep the Samari svelte despite its largeish size; it weighs 3.8 oz. and carries via a reversible, sculpted titanium clip.

Bestech says that the Samari is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Bestech Samari