Kopis Designs L-Via Mid-Tech Returns with Revised Blade Shape

The Kopis Designs L-Via is back, both in its primary configuration and with a new variant in tow. The redesign enhances both the ergonomics and aesthetics of the first L-Via by tweaking the blade.

The L-Via is a collaborative project between Kopis Designs and Ed Calderon of Ed’s Manifesto; it is a mid-tech version of a custom Calderon piece, with standardized, compact dimensions. When we talked to Kopis’s Jon Bahlatzis back in June 2020, he gave us a concise summary of the L-Via’s capabilities; while it has obvious tactical elements, from the hawkbill blade to the upswept, reverse grip-friendly handle, Bahlatzis described it as an all-purpose, rugged everyday cutter. “The handle shape combined with the texturing allows for a number of solid and ergonomic grip options, for everything from detailed carving and food prep to self defense,” he said. “Everything about this knife is focused on creating a feature packed, ergonomic knife that is meant to be used and abused while still being economic.”

Bahlatzis also told us that the Kopis Designs way is to focus on function first and foremost, but to make sure aesthetics don’t get left behind. That’s especially true for this new for ’22 L-Via variant, which comes with a concave thumb ramp on the spine. Not only does it provide another ergonomic control point, it also makes the 2.5-inch, 154CM blade look cooler – and coolness is an important, if intangible, knife specification. The new ramped version has the same saber grind as the standard model, so the fundamental cutting geometry is unaltered.

Also unaltered is the slim GFN handle, with its curving shape and rearward cutout, which facilitates an impressive catalog of different grips. A Kydex sheath rounds out the package, adding less than an ounce to the carry package, which in total falls below the 2 oz. mark.

The latest batch of L-Vias, with the new version tow, arrive with KnivesShipFree today, July 20th, at 4pm EST.

Knife in Featured Image: Kopis Designs/Ed’s Manifesto L-Via

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