KRUDO Knives Redefines Flagship IOTA Folder

KRUDO Knives is releasing an updated version of their small but mighty IOTA folder. According to the company, this fresh take on one of their most popular models leads the charge for a big end to 2017 and some significant developments in the new year.

The original IOTA had a full stainless steel handle and body. The new model chips away nearly half an ounce of weight thanks to carbon fiber scales. A new grind enhances the cutting performance of the heavily-recurved 2.5-inch 9Cr18MoV blade. Under the hood, KRUDO implemented a steel frame, integral bolsters, and formidable blade stock. “When it comes to folders this is my smallest, but I’m still using 3/16″ blade stock,” says Louis Krudo, company Founder. “It’s a mini tank.”

As with all KRUDO folding knives, the IOTA implements a 5-way opening system. Users can deploy it through a thumb wedge which doubles as an out-of-the-pocket opener, a standard flipper, or a front flipper. The fifth method Krudo calls “scissor opening,” where users draw the knife back so the front flipper is actuated by the off-hand for on the fly, gross motor skill deployment. “I like [my students] to know and understand their options in any given situation,” Krudo, a martial arts instructor, tells us. “I carry that philosophy over into my designs.”

He acknowledges that the radical style and comprehensive opening system of a KRUDO knife may not cater to all tastes. “A gimmick is something you put on your product to attract attention, in most cases it is useless,” he says. “I have a reason for every aspect and every feature of my designs.”

It’s going to be a busy holiday season for KRUDO, with several other releases planned for the run up to the end of the year. 2018 will see the debut of the Executive Line, a series of high-end releases with premium materials – titanium and high-performance steels. “I’ll probably reintroduce some of current 2017 designs and add some new ones,” Krudo says.

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For the foreseeable future, the company will be propelled solely by designs from Krudo himself. He says his signature style  is essential to a KRUDO product’s character, and that his creativity shows no signs of slowing down at this time. “My insatiable need to draw on whatever piece of paper I find does not leave room, at this time, to invite other designers.”

The IOTA will be shipping soon. If you plan on picking up an IOTA, Krudo is offering a 20% introductory discount until the end of the day or with the coupon code IOTA20 until Friday.

Knife featured in image: KRUDO Knives IOTA Folder