Olamic Dresses Up Knives for Halloween

Olamic is working on its second year of special Halloween editions of their custom and mid-tech knives. This year they are offering an increased workload of custom orders, bringing the mid-techs into the mix, and establishing a yearly tradition for Olamic fans and collectors.

In 2016, Olamic began to toy around with Halloween knives. They made just eight, all custom blades: two each of the Wayfarer, Wayfarer Compact, Rainmaker, and Gambit models. This year, the company is opening the doors for a second batch of these custom Halloween projects. “There’s a lot of room to play around: colors, carvings, laser markings, all sorts of things,” company Co-Founder Eugene Solomonik says. Customers can even submit a Halloween theme – even just a keyword like ‘Reaper’ – and let the artistic Olamic crew take it from there. “We’ll work with people on this if they have specific ideas they want to work into an entire build.”

2017 marks the first year Olamic will offer mid-tech models in Halloween trim. The flagship Halloween mid-tech is the Shadow Swish (shown below), with a blacked-out blade and handle scales, and purple anodized pivot screw and sculpted backspacer. Other customizations will follow, for the Swish and the Wayfarer 247. The nature of mid-tech production limits Olamic’s options compared to full customs, so they’re going to get creative. “We’re trying new things: G-10 backspacers, inlays, and other stuff we’ve never done before.”

Olamic Shadow Swish

Solomonik says the comprehensive nature of the 2017 Halloween project will establish it as an ongoing tradition. “I want to do it annually. Develop a legacy, where collectors have models from each consecutive year.” Each yearly batch will feature Halloween-theme logos unique to that year. Collectors adding to their collection or acquiring the knives on the secondary market will be able to date Halloween Olamics by these marks – just like the tang stamps on a Buck 110 identify its year of manufacture. “There’s going to be a timeline there,” Solomonik says. He plans to maintain an active record of all Halloween project knives at Olamic HQ as well for further documentation.

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Olamic expects to take orders for Halloween knives through late October – and yes, even the custom knives will make it to their owners in time to carry on the 31st. “We are in this niche where we can make full custom knives in groups and get them out to people in a timely manner,” Solomonik says. Olamic’s small but capable crew works on everything together to deliver handmade knives at surprising speed, despite their traditional methods. “The way that we make them is the same as if it was just one guy. A lot of the techniques are very old-school. We just have more than maker at work at the same time.”

You can place an order for an Olamic Halloween 2017 knife now through their website. Prices vary depending on the customization and embellishments.

Knife featured in image: Olamic Halloween Edition Rainmaker