Krudo Knives Takes On Tanto Blade Shape with STRICK9 Folder

Krudo Knives is breaking into the tanto blade genre for the first time with the STRICK9. The new knife takes the tanto in a different direction, aiming for overbuilt style and function thanks to a complicated grind and thick blade stock.

Company Founder and sole designer Louis Krudo says the STRICK9 exhibits characteristics familiar to other Krudo Knives while also showcasing new details. His preference for faceted, ambitious grinds is in full force here. “This break away design departs from the traditional with 4 separate grinds,” Krudo explains. “A top grind, a blade grind, a tip grind and a spine grind all add to its individuality.”

All Krudo knives push an extreme look, but Krudo notes that the complex grind actually improves the 3.25-inch tanto blade’s performance. “The angled tip and multiple grinds allow for maximum utility for slicing, puncturing and just plain cutting,” he tells us. The blade shape is new, but Krudo adhered to his preference for 3/16” blade stock. “The thickness of the blade instills confidence that this knife will breeze through your work day right along with you.”

The STRICK9’s handle is streamlined but tank-like, made from stainless steel with carbon fiber inserts. Paired with the imposing blade stock, the result is a hefty knife that tips the scales at 7.1 oz. But Krudo embraces the weight of his knives and says in this case the STRICK9 remains an ergonomic, balanced knife during use. “The solid build is evident. Tailoring of the handle lines makes STRICK9 hit the sweet spot in your hand.”

In what is now the signature Krudo touch, the STRICK9 benefits from a five-way deployment system. The thumb wedge doubles as an out-of-the-pocket opener, and the blade is also equipped with standard and front flippers. The fifth method Krudo calls “scissor opening,” where users draw the knife back so the front flipper is actuated by the off hand for gross motor skill deployment. “You may never need multiple ways of opening your knife,” Krudo says. “But if you are ever in a tough spot, I want every option available to you.” No matter which way users choose to open it, the STRICK9 benefits from a pivot loaded with ceramic ball bearings.

The Krudo STRICK9 is scheduled to be released in late September and is available for preorder now.

Knife featured in image: Krudo Knives STRICK9