Krudo Starts Off 2019 with One-Two Punch

Krudo Knives is commencing 2019 with back-to-back product releases. The MOZAIK and KARSINO10 both come in at the expected size class for Krudo, but approach design from two very different angles.

Krudo Knives Founder Louis Krudo told us before that he doesn’t have any major inclination to work on outside collaborations, and his own creativity continues to keep the new knives flowing all by itself. “Inspiration, ideas, epiphanies can come from anywhere,” he says. One might think that for the MOZAIK he found that inspiration from Italian stiletto-style switchblades, but the original inspiration came from a much different source: a bottle of shampoo. Krudo found the curves and slender profile of the bottle to be a perfect jumping-off point for a slim, stylish folder.

The Mozaik’s 3.6-inch blade is made from Krudo’s default 9Cr18MoV steel, ground into a multifacted grind that almost resembles that seen on a sword. Apart from the practical benefits of a reinforced tip, Krudo wanted to maximize the visual appeal of his latest blade. “I wanted visual balance, therefore the ‘impression’ of a double edge on this knife,” he explains.

Visually, Krudo acknowledges that the MOZAIK breaks away from his previous knives. In going for this specific look he chose to forego a few typical Krudo flourishes. The MOZAIK is a flipper knife, although it can be opened from the pocket using the symmetrical front guard. That means it does not have the thumb wedge or front flipper of many other Krudo designs. However, Krudo notes that many other elements are in line with his other releases, including the 3/16” blade stock. “There are standard elements I try to incorporate into my designs: the quarter-inch pivot, ceramic bearings and detent, the pocket clip, Thumb Wedge, front flipper and carbon fiber.”
Accompanying the MOZAIK is the KARSINO10. Its 3.5-inch blade is a drop point, semi-tantofied with an angled front grind. The knife’s handle is slim and straight, and features a sizeable carbon fiber insert. The knife weighs in at just over six ounces, which Krudo acknowledges will not be to everybody’s taste. “You’re always going to have critics. I do try to design for everyone, but we know that is not possible. If you try to build the perfect product, you will never produce anything.”

Krudo Knives KARSINO10

Krudo Knives KARSINO10

In terms of use, Krudo emphasizes that both new knives are capable in most EDC roles. He has worked hard to ensure the mechanical details are all in place, but says that the most important characteristic of his knives is their look. “For me, it has become pocket art,” he tells us. “Design a folder with elegance, that you’re happy to carry in your pocket, be part of your everyday carry and everyday use whenever you need it to.”

The MOZAIK and the KARSINO10 are available for preorder now and are expected to ship in the next two months.

Knife in Featured image: Krudo Knives MOZAIK