Leatherman Drops New Ratchet Driver for Its Flagship Multitools

Leatherman just released the Ratcher Driver accessory, an add-on compatible with more than a dozen of their multitools that givers their drivers more power and stability than in their vanilla configurations.

The Ratchet Driver is a pretty straightforward device. It fits into the large bit driver arm on any Leatherman multitool, which means that it’s compatible with standbys like the Skeletool, Charge, Wave, and Signal. The additional length it provides is a boon in itself; when Gerber released the Center-Drive a few years ago it was a big deal specifically due to its full-size driver arm. Here, the ratchet component prevents the driver from turning in a way you don’t want it to; you simply turn the rotating collar piece to lock out a particular direction.

The longer reach, increased torque, and security features of the ratchet itself could scale up the type of jobs a multitool can do – or at least make harder jobs easier. The Ratchet Driver accommodates all Leatherman proprietary bits, and any 1/4″ bit.

The Ratchet Driver in action

If you’re counting ounces, this accessory is going to add 1.26 oz. to your kit. Carry should be relatively painless, however: Leatherman confirmed that the Ratchet Driver can be secured via the loop strap on the outside of their nylon sheaths.

The Ratchet Driver is the third in a small collection of add-ons for Leatherman’s multitools’ drivers. We’ve also seen a non-ratcheting bit extender option, and the MUT got an extender for its sight adjustment tool as well.

The Ratchet Driver is available now, with an MSRP of $29.99.

Featured Image: Leatherman Wave+ with Ratchet Driver

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