Leatherman Garage Project Includes Folder with Swappable Blades

One of the most unusual new projects from a manufacturer this year is the Leatherman Garage. Instead of the more typical approach to limited runs, the Garage releases are a series of experimental, one-off projects that vary wildly.

Leatherman describes the Garage concept as a place of experimentation for its crew. “While there are no bad ideas in the Garage, only the most ingenious will ever see the outside world,” they say on the Garage page, which frankly makes us want to scope out the ones that don’t make it out into the open. “Through constant iteration, we learn what works, what doesn’t, and use that to inform future designs. It doesn’t happen overnight, but the end product is worth the effort.”

The two blades of the Parts are made with two different steels

The first two Garage releases were multitools. Garage Batch #001 was the Mr. Crunch, named after the original prototype pliers-based multitool Tim Leatherman made in the 70s – y’know, before pliers-based multitools were a thing at all. Leatherman (talking about the company now, not the man) implemented that prototype’s signature two-part pliers on the Free P4 chassis. Next up was the Darkside, a rendition of the Charge with layered G-10 scales and DLC coated components.

Which brings us to Batch #003, certainly the most avant-garde Garage model so far. According to Leatherman the Parts, as it’s called, is a folding knife that incorporates 26 leftover components from the Leatherman factory. The result is a multifunctional knife that can also have its blade completely swapped out, allowing owners to choose between a drop point in S35VN or a wharnie in 154CM. Both blades are opened with a thumb stud, and removed/replaced with an included bit driver tool.

Unfortunately, all three of these Garage releases are sold out – and generally, like many limited runs from manufacturers, they go pretty quickly when they do drop. But consider this a PSA to keep on eye on the series, if only to see what wild features originating here might trickle into full production projects.

Knife in Featured Image: Leatherman Garage Batch #003: Parts

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