Lionsteel Debuts New Knife Tech on ROK Folder

Lionsteel is debuting two new pieces of knife tech on its latest release, the ROK folder. The mid-size offering brings all the high-end machining Lionsteel is known for alongside an innovative retractable clip and new NFC scan technology built into the packaging..

The ROK’s H.WAYL clip headlines its list of features. A button on the lock side of the knife pushes the clip out for when you wish to use it, but letting go causes the clip to recede entirely into the integral handle. New knife tech always impresses, but Gianni Pauletta, CEO of Lionsteel, quickly points out that the H.WAYL idea stemmed from practical concerns. “A knife is a tool, you must use it for work,” he tells us. “A clip is useful for carry but while you use the knife, it pains your hand.” By effectively removing the non-reversible clip during times of use, Lionsteel improved the hard-use ergonomics on the 5.5 oz. frame lock ROK. Its comfortably-sized 3.39-inch M390 blade will retain an edge for long jobs too. Maniago, Italy-based Lionsteel also equipped the ROK with a removable flipper tab, as first seen on their T.R.E. knife.

Lionsteel ROK

NFC technology is integrated into the ROK’s packaging. By scanning the box with an NFC reader (a common feature on modern smartphones), users can access warranty information and additional data about their new purchase, including details on long-term maintenance. “The final user always needs information regarding his knife. How to take care of it, how to sharpen it,” explains Pauletta. “With NFC Lionsteel, the user is given easy access to all this info.” He also notes that both the H.WAYL Clip and NFC Lionsteel will be implemented on future and past knife releases. “The best thing about these two new ideas is that they can also be used for other knives – and we will do that.”

Pauletta believes that true innovation in this industry is rare. “The most difficult thing to find is a new idea in the knife business.” Lionsteel may make it look easy, but their various mechanical innovations take time to develop. The H.WAYL clip spent a long time in R&D before it saw the light of day. Pauletta says that technological creativity will remain a driving force in Lionsteel’s future. “For me, production without innovation does not have a future, so yes, innovation is very important for Lionsteel.”

The ROK is expected to land with dealers in September.

Knife featured in image: Lionsteel ROK

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