Lucas Burnley Turns the Barlow into a Fixed Blade for Böker

There’s a fresh Böker/Lucas Burnley collaboration on the way, and it’s something a little different. The Barlow BFF is a fixed blade rendition of none other than the good old-fashioned Barlow knife.

The Barlow has a legitimate claim to being the most well-known, well-loved traditional pattern in today’s knife scene. With an EDC-sized blade and a handle that’s both simple and strong, the Barlow is one of those patterns about which the cliched phrase “It just works” can be fairly applied.

In many ways, the BFF is faithful to bones of the Barlow. Barlows come in all sorts of blade shapes, and Burnley gave this one a clean, bold drop point. The blade length is just 2.76 – about the same size as a standard folding Barlow, but the full tang construction and wide blade profile let this little fixie flex into harder chores than its folding brethren. The Barlow BFF is a Böker Solingen release, which means that it benefits from heightened materials relative to the company’s Plus line; so the blade steel here is AEB-L, a European stainless that’s a favorite of many custom makers for its workability and balanced properties.

The historical Barlow teardrop handle shape is here, albeit without the pattern’s most recognizable feature: the oversized bolster. In this case, given the aforementioned full tang construction, a bolster isn’t really necessary, and Böker has actually produced bolsterless folding Barlows before, so the Barlow BFF is stylistically in line with its peers in the company’s catalog. The lack of a bolster also allows the walnut wood scales to take center stage; and, in another nod to traditional knife construction, these scales are pinned in place. The included leather sheath comes with a pocket clip attached, so the 2.29 oz. Barlow BFF can be carried almost like a modern folder.

The Barlow BFF in the pocket

The Barlow BFF will arrive with dealers at the end of October.

Knife in Featured Image: Böker Barlow BFF