Makers from Around the World Flock to SICAC Paris

The 29th Annual SICAC (Salon International du Couteau d’Art et de Collection) Paris Knife Show is in full swing this weekend. Makers from all over the world have gathered in the City of Light to show off their latest creations, meet collectors, and interact with their fellow bladesmiths.

Well-known collector Maria Stalina is displaying her custom collaborations with maker Nikolai Lomachenkov at the show for the first time. The Cyrax Jr., one of the pair’s latest designs, has been turning heads. A 2.67-inch dagger-style blade deploys out of the front of the knife via a sliding tab on the handle flat; the mechanism has been dubbed the ‘Glissando Lock.’ The knife is a smaller companion to the full-size Cyrax, and the whole piece has a distinctive steampunk look.

Another major standout has been the Empire, Tashi Bharucha’s collaboration with Jean-Pierre Martin. The custom exhibits a sweeping, clean style that echoes Bharucha’s recent work while standing on its own as a separate beast. The maker’s recent work with Reate showcases a willingness to experiment with blade shapes, and this latest knife delivers a trailing point blade with a super-acute tip and a pronounced forward belly. The Empire prototype is made from a vibrantly-colored Damascus titanium, which is a striated mix of purple, blue, pink, and bronze.

SICAC was started in 1989 by Martine and Yvon Gagueche. Over the years it has grown to be among the most important European knife shows. Today, makers as diverse as Anthony Marfione, Michael Walker, Michael Zieba, and Liong Mah attend. Even those It also provides a place to network and make connections for future projects.

SICAC’s second day begins tomorrow, Saturday the 15th, from 10am – 6pm Central European Summer Time (GMT+2). Check back with KnifeNews for additional post-show coverage over the next few weeks!

Knife featured in image: Maria Stalina and Nikolai Lomachenkov Cyrus Jr. Prototype