May Sees Two New Flipper Models Join the WE Lineup

Two new WE Knife Co. models are on their way to dealers this month. Both knives, the Culex and the Speedster, hail from the in-house team, but differ notably in size, construction, and basic mechanics.


A quick google search tells us that “culex” is a genus of mosquitoes, making it the latest in a long and proud line of folders named after annoying bugs. Nomenclature aside, in practice the Culex is a high-end iteration of WE’s button lock mechanism, a device they’ve been playing around with in both their main and Civivi lines for a couple years now. The broad drop point blade is 2.97 inches, right in the wheelhouse for flexible EDC; the flexible blade shape is paired to a flexible super steel, CPM-20CV. While the Culex isn’t 100% ambidextrous, its deployment methods are: there’s a flipper on the spine and dual thumbstuds, one on either side of the blade.

Titanium slab handle scales round out the package here, but because the Culex foregoes a frame lock, these scales can be completely visually symmetrical. The clip is easily reversible, and the Culex weighs 3.9 oz.


If you happen to be craving a new titanium frame lock, however, WE has you covered with the Speedster. This one is bigger than the Culex, with a cutting edge of 3.5-inches, but it does have the same multifunctional drop point shape, equally ready to slice up an apple and break down a box – and once again present is CPM-20CV steel, so the edge will hold up to a lot of apple slicing and/or box breaking.

Similarities to the Culex continue with the Speedster’s handle design, with a profile that keeps things pleasingly basic, devoid of anything more dramatic than a finger guard. The titanium scales are 3D-machined, with a plain flat on top letterboxed by two angled, textured chamfers. There’s the titanium frame lock we all know on the off-side, and the Speedster’s clip is reversible even if that lock is configured for righties.

Knife in Featured Image: We Knife Co. Culex