Medford: New for 2016 Products

Medford Knife and Tool makes knives that people talk about. Everything coming out of the company so far has been extreme – massively thick blades, absurdly heavy folders, and hefty price tags. There have been plenty of criticisms, but founder and designer Greg Medford isn’t listening – he’s too busy trying to keep up with demand for his blades.

Medford recently moved his area of operations to a much larger facility. Medford calls it a ‘shacktory’ – larger than a shop but not quite a factory. This year, Medford flexed that extra production capacity by introducing a number of new designs at SHOT Show 2016. The brand is moving into smaller, quicker, and lighter designs and diversifying away from the over-sized folders they have become known for.

The Praetorian, their flagship design, was already offered in large and micro sizes. Medford split the difference and is introducing a mid-sized Praetorian dubbed the Genesis for 2016. It’s about time because according to the company, the new 3.3″ bladed Praetorian Genesis was designed even before its big and little brother hit the market.

Another existing model, the Marauder got the same treatment. It now comes in three sizes: the massive original, the new Midi Marauder with a 4.25” blade, and a comparatively tiny Dress Marauder with a 3” blade and custom clip.

There were a number of totally new designs this year as well. In addition to the lightweight Infraction, which was first unveiled late last year at the NY Custom Knife Show, Medford brought the Sherman, a stubby, hand-filling little folder named after the tough American tanks. Also new was Medford’s take on a karambit called the Burung, a lightweight, wickedly hollow-ground folder that can be deployed from the pocket using a bottle-opener notch cut into the blade. The new blades are slated to ship out very soon.

Knife featured in image: Medford Burung