Michigan Governor Signs Switchblade Ban Repeal into Law

In yet another victory for the knife rights movement, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed the Knife Rights’ Switchblade Ban Repeal (SB 245) yesterday. The bill will legalize the sale and possession of automatic knives in the state as soon as it goes into effect on October 10. Restrictions on automatic knives in Michigan have been on the books since 1952.

Doug Ritter, Chairman and Executive Director of Knife Rights, says that the fight in the state isn’t over yet and there is more work to be done to turf Michigan’s remaining vague and archaic knife restrictions. “Knife Rights will keep working until Michigan’s law-abiding knife owners are free to carry any blade they want,” Ritter tells us. “Perseverance, stubbornness – whatever you want to call it, it’s been crucial to our success.”

Knife owners in Michigan won’t have to wait long before automatic knives become available locally. In light of the news, Michigan-based knife dealer KnivesShipFree is already planning his next move. “That is good news,” Derrick Bohn, Founder of KnivesShipFree tells us. “We will bring automatic knives out as soon as the law takes effect.”

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On September 1st, Texans will also enjoy more knife freedom after Governor Greg Abbott signed that state’s knife law reform bill last month. Coloradans will soon be able to make, sell, and possess automatic knives after Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed a bill repealing the state’s total switchblade and gravity knife ban in March. Meanwhile, New Yorkers are waiting to see if Governor Andrew Cuomo will veto a Knife Rights authored reform bill for the 2nd year in a row after legislators passed a 2017 version in June.

Knife featured in image: Kershaw Launch 7