Microtech Establishes Screaming Eagle Military Knives Division

Microtech Knives is launching a brand new division, called Screaming Eagle, to focus specifically on military knives. Named after an elite airborne division of the U.S. Army, the Screaming Eagle division will allow Bradford, PA-based Microtech to research and develop new products catered to those who need them most.

With over a million active duty members across its five branches, the U.S. Armed Forces is an attractive customer for any knife maker. Knife companies pursue the military in many different ways, but Microtech is taking a unique approach. Instead of selling existing models through the U.S. Department of Defense, knives that come out of  Microtech’s Screaming Eagle division will be tailor-made for specific user groups. Special ops, troops deployed overseas, and operators in Tier 1 Special Mission Units will each get made-to-order Microtech models. “These designs are going to be unique, and completely different,” Alexandria Maltezo, Military/Government Director at Microtech, tells us. “They aren’t intended or designed for civilian sale.”

Military and government sales are complicated and time-intensive – so it helps to have an expert on board. Microtech recruited Maltezo in August to spearhead the Screaming Eagle special project. “For our warfighters, everything comes down to the millisecond,” Maltezo explains. “Our goal at Microtech is to make the tools that give our people the tactical advantage.”

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Maltezo’s background is in the military sphere. She has worked at Steyr Mannlicher as a Military/Government representative and certified armorer, and is a U.S. representative for the International Military Airborne Training School in Vienna, Austria. She says that the Screaming Eagle division is a project Microtech founder Anthony Marfione had planned for a long time. “Tony loves our military,” Maltezo says. “He is totally dedicated to arming our guys with the best stuff possible. For him, it’s a mission.”

Knife featured in image: Marfione Custom Knives Sigil MK6