Microtech’s Marfione Joins AKTI Board of Regents

The American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) recently announced Anthony Marfione the Founder of Microtech Knives will be joining its Board of Regents. Marfione will now be working alongside other Board of Regent members including CJ Buck, President & CEO of Buck Knives, John Sullivan of W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co., and Les de Asis the Founder of Benchmade Knife Company.

Marfione to “Offer Valuable Input and Assistance”

The AKTI unifies industry members and the knife community toward the common goals of ensuring that Americans will always be able to make, buy, sell, own, carry and use knives and edged tools.

“We are extremely pleased that Microtech is joining the team of knife and edged tool leaders on the American Knife & Tool Institute’s Board of Regents. Anthony Marfione and other Microtech staff will provide valuable input and assistance helping to solve industry problems, encourage reasonable and consistent laws and regulations, and encourage the next generation of knife users,” said Jan Billeb, Executive Director of the AKTI.

The AKTI Educates Legislators and the Public About Knives

According to Microtech’s Dan Lawson, “Microtech has been a member of AKTI for a number of years.” But, this marks the first time Microtech has taken on a leadership role in the organization. “Tony Marfione sees the wisdom of promoting the knife community and the next generation of knife users, which is a lot of what the AKTI is doing.”

The AKTI also takes a proactive role in educating legislators and the public about knives. “Knives can tend to get stigmatized by many people,” says Lawson. “It used to be said that there were three things a gentleman always had in his possession: a pocketknife, a $20 bill, and a clean handkerchief. Today, there are probably a lot of people who think the opposite – ‘a gentleman doesn’t carry a pocketknife’, and that’s not a good thing,” Lawson says.

Current Initiatives Rely on Grassroots Support

Among other important initiatives, the AKTI is working to pass the Knife Owner’s Protection Act, a piece of federal legislation that would allow knives to be legally transported across state lines and local jurisdictions. “As long as the knife is stored safely, and is legal at both your location of departure and destination, you can’t be arrested for illegal possession under local law,” Lawson explains.

Marfione, like the rest of the Board do not receive any compensation – the role is strictly a volunteer position. The AKTI is a non-profit association that relies on grassroots support. If you want to help protect and expand your rights to carry a knife you can become a member of the AKTI for as little as $35.

A Microtech knife would be a prize in any knife person’s collection.  Though they also produce stunning fixed, folding, and balisong knives, Microtech is best known for their iconic automatic ‘out-the-front’ knives.

Knife Featured in Image: Marfione Custom Super Anax Integral Frame Lock Knife Ti/Bamboo (Hamon/Engraved)

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