Mikkel Willumsen Outfits Red E with Axis Lock and Sandvik Steel

Mikkel Willumsen is bringing his Red E design back once again in a new production variation. This time, he’s taking inspiration from both of the knife’s previous incarnations and adding some new features as well.

Willumsen’s Red E has a long history in his oeuvre. It began life as a custom piece, with a longer blade and titanium frame lock. Then it migrated into the production half of Willumsen’s lineup in the form of the Red E WL, a shrunk-down, non-locking, 2.76 inch-bladed version designed to operate within European knife law restrictions. After that, Willumsen took that same form factor and equipped with an Axis Lock mechanism for its second production release.

This latest Red E takes after that second production version, with the same dimensions and lock, but there are key differences. Most notably, the steel here is 14C28N, copared to D2 on the previous iteration. The difference between these two steels is arguably an apples and orange comparison, but 14C28N should please most users with its EDC-friendly traits, being much more stain resistant and easier to sharpen than D2 while offering comparable edge retention. And instead of an opening hole, this Red E opens with a thumb stud – although, this being an Axis Lock model, it is also possible to pull the lock bar back and flick the knife out.

The handle is the same arched, almost pistol grip-like shape, with a big finger groove and exaggerated guard; and a knurled choil beneath the blade provides a place for users to choke up if they so choose. But instead of the two part steel/G-10 handle design on the first Axis Lock Red E, this one goes for full G-10 scales, available in multiple colors and given a scalloped texture. There’s also a wood-handled variation for those who want something a little ritzier.

The four variations of the new Red E

The Red E’s Kickstarter page has a monetary goal of just $1, so the project isn’t targeting a specific funding threshold; rather, it’s gauging interest and giving customers a chance to purchase the knife early, at a discounted price. In fact, two different pricing tiers are on offer, Very Early Bird and Early Bird. Each handle variation can be had in both tiers, but every option at every tier is limited to 100 slots. The project is open through September 4th, and the Red E is expected to ship in November.

Knife in Featured Image: Willumsen Copenhagen Red E