Millie 2 & Sjoerd Stok Star in Spyderco Reveal 12

Spyderco’s 12th Product Reveal arrived late last week, showing what’s on deck for imminent release from the Golden, CO titan.

Military 2

The Military 2’s appearance in Reveal 12 is not a surprise. The long-awaited sequel to Spyderco’s classic tactical folder actually made its debut in the summer of ’22 at Blade Show, where it managed to take home a show award to boot. Now it’s on the cusp of release, with a revised profile that houses the in-house Compression Lock mechanism.

Stok EDC Fixed Blades

2023 sees the release of Spyderco’s first collaboration with Sjoerd Stok, a Dutch artist, designer, and knife enthusiast; if you frequent the online knife hotspots you’ll probably know Stok by his handle “Sjoerds.” Stok created two everyday carry fixed blades for Spyderco, full tang working knives with compact dimensions to keep them low profile and generally legal.

The Stok Drop Point [see featured image] is a highly modified example of the form; it almost reads like a sheepsfoot with its downturned snout. Meanwhile Stok approached a historical blade shape in a more traditional way on the Stok Bowie [above]. Both Stoks have the same blade length of 2.95 inches, ergonomic handle design, and 8cr13MoV blade steel.

CPM-15V Sprints

Back in Product Reveal 11, Spyderco showed off a Manix 2 Sprint made from CPM-15V steel, a Crucible formula with truly extreme edge retention; in Knife Steel Nerds testing 15V outperformed all sorts of heavy hitters, including S125V and ZDP-189, in the TCC test. Now the Shaman and the Paramilitary 2 are getting special sprint runs with the stuff, with brown G-10 scales to differentiate them from other variations.

Counter Critter

Meanwhile, on the culinary side of things Spyderco is serving up the Counter Critter, bigger brother to its Counter Puppy line. Like its smaller, uh, counterpart, the Critter has an injection molded handle with four ‘legs,’ allowing it to stand on a flat surface. Available in plain or full SpyderEdge configurations, the Counter Puppy has a blade lenght of 3.95 inches and is made from 7Cr17 stainless.

K390 Variants

The K390 corral continues to grow, too. The Enuff 2, scaled up version of a Sal Glesser fixed blade design, gets a K390 model, as does the Lil Temperance 3 Lightweight. The shift in steel is accompanied by a swap to the line-standard blue scales as well.

Mule Team Additions

Finally, the Mule Team project continues at full speed. The two latest steels inducted into the line are CPM-15V (of course), and AEB-L. The latter is a popular all-arounder that has been making the transition from custom knives to production.

Knife in Featured Image: Spyderco Stok Drop Point

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