Minnesota Maker Releases Production Rescue Fixed Blade

Jeb Taylor, a Minnesota-based custom knife maker, is preparing a production run of the Raven rescue knife, a fixed blade originally designed for emergency rescue operations. This run is intended to introduce the knife itself and Taylor’s body of work to a larger audience.

The defining element on the Raven is its blade, a 5 inch-long wharncliffe; it runs mostly straight, but there is a mild sweep up at the business end to make the tip a bit more assertive. According to Taylor, he modeled the shape on a raven’s skull. “The design of the knife is for ease of use during high stress moments,” he explains. “The curved thumb ramp style in tandem with the finger groove allow the knife to easily be indexed for immediate cutting actions right out of the sheath.” The full tang blade is made from S35VN steel, and its .156″ blade stock allows it to soak up stress during work.

Taylor’s handle design marries simple lines to ample proportions. The overall handle shape has one finger groove and a large arcing section for the other fingers; the handle spine runs up into an oversized thumb ramp on the blade itself. “The knife as a whole is built rugged,” Taylor says. “G-10 handles and two lanyard holes allows for a strong base for the grip and multiple options to affix a lanyard if desired.” For carry, Taylor is including a nylon sheath, although it deviates from the norm by being designed for calf carry.

As the name indicates, the Raven originated as a rescue tool for paratroopers – specifically, Taylor himself. A former Jumpmaster, Taylor created the original custom version for emergency cuts if other jumpers get caught during their descent. That original knife caught the eye of more than a few other paratroopers and, before he knew it, Taylor had produced over 250 of them for other users.

This production run makes the knife available to its widest audience ever, and Taylor envisions other types of users than specialists enjoying the knife. The same traits designed for those specific uses in jumps also makes the Raven a suitable all-purpose hard use fixed blade.

Taylor tells us the Raven will be ready to ship by the end of the year. It is available for preorder now through Taylor’s website.

Knife in Featured Image: Jeb Taylor Raven Rescue Blade