Mora Grows the Eldris Line with New LightDuty Model

The Mora Eldris, the popular, EDC-style fixed blade from the venerable Swedish maker, is getting a significant line expansion this year. The Eldris LightDuty brings a different type of blade grind to the Eldris platform and calibrating it for different cutting chores.

The original Eldris arrived in 2016, and filled a unique spot in the Mora lineup. Before then, the company was known for its colorful array of affordable and useful outdoor fixed blades, but didn’t have much that could stretch into any kind of an EDC role. The Eldris filled that need, with neck knife dimensions and a friendly, non-threating design and blade length.

That being said, while the possibilities of an EDCable Mora made it a tempting purchase, the Eldris still remained committed to outdoor uses in key ways – most specifically in its blade grind. Even though the blade was pretty compact at 2.3 inches long, Mora opted for an interesting compound grind: the base of the blade was thicker for harder cutting chores, but shallowed out on upper half for less demanding work. The result was a knife that integrated the outdoors characteristics of its bigger siblings while still tapping into the potentials of an EDC fixed blade.

As the name implies, the LightDuty moves even further into pure EDC. The blade length is the same as its predecessor, but the grind is now a uniform scandi-style grind – more in line with the traditional Mora knife but, in this shrunk-down format, probably also a better choice for EDC chores. The blade steel is 12C27, Mora’s standard stainless choice, with a proven track record for the company across dozens of models.

Other than this change and three new colors exclusive to this Eldris, all the familiar elements of the prior design have been retained. The handle is the same roomy, palm-filling barrel shape, with a rubberized outer portion for added grippiness, and the plastic sheath is a simple one, but well-suited for pocket carry. Given the shared dimensions between this and the standard Eldris model, the Neck Knife Kit is able to be swapped to this model without issue – although at this time the LightDuty is not available in an option that includes that accessory out of the box.

The LightDuty is up on Mora’s website now, but it looks like it will be a while before it becomes generally available – particularly in areas outside of Europe.

Knife in Featured Image: Mora Eldris LightDuty