MRF Takes 60+ Function One Piece Tool to Kickstarter

MRF Multitools is crowdfunding their latest product, the Universal 3.0, on Kickstarter. The new credit card-sized one piece multitool sets a new benchmark of functionality with over 60 individual features.

“There are a lot of credit card or one piece tools on the marketplace now,” says MRF representative Dmytro. “But there was no such tool with this many functions.” Manufactured by MRF in Ukraine, the Universal 3.0 is made from a single piece of 440C steel. It brings familiar features like a cutting edge and a pry tool to the table, but also incorporates unusual implements like a barbecue grill scraper, shovel edge, even a miniature axe head.

Some one piece tools struggle to make the cutting edge component useful and safe. MRF worked around this with the patented cutout on the rear, which measures distance but pulls double duty as a handle for safe use of the cutting edge. Users can also opt for a detachable handle add-on for even better ergonomics during long-term cutting. “After some market research, we decided to create the Universal 3.0 and its handle for more safety and comfort,” Dmytro explains.

Universal 3.0

There’s a definite geek factor in such a small tool packing in so many features, but MRF intends to appeal to more than the enthusiast audience. “[It] doesn’t have a target customer because it’s ‘Universal,’” jokes Dmytro. Although a single person would be hard-pressed to make regular use of every feature, most customers will find a handful they really count on. “It doesn’t matter if you are an office worker or just can’t imagine your life without the outdoors,” Dmytro says. “The Universal can cut stuff, turn stuff, pry stuff, measure stuff, and open stuff.”

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MRF Multitools is a sub-label of MRF Engineering, which manufactures plug-and-produce equipment like vending machines and automated mechanical systems. The Universal isn’t their first tool, nor will it be their last. They’ve stuck to one piece tools for now, but plan to roll out a pliers-based multitool eventually – possibly still built to be the shape and size of a credit card. A pocket knife is also likely. “A soldier who doesn’t want to be a general is a bad soldier,” says Dmytro. “For the first stage, we’re going to produce this range of multitools and credit card sized tools for everyday carry. The next step will, of course, be pocket knives.”

The Universal 3.0 Kickstarter is live now and has cleared its funding goal. Backer levels start at $23.

Knife featured in image: MRF Multitools Universal 3.0