New Buck Stealth Run Deployed in MagnaCut

The latest Stealth Run is here from Buck Knives, and it’s a tantalizing mix of old and new. The Post Falls company has created a single batch of their classic 119 Special with MagnaCut blade steel.

If there is any other Buck knife that can challenge the 110 Folding Hunter in terms of visibility, it’s the 119 Special. This fixed blade is actually significantly older than the 110, having been around since 1942. It’s the knife that many non-knife people imagine when you say “hunting knife,” the 6-inch clip blade and pommel’d black handle about as universally known as those on any production fixed blade; it rivals even the KA-BAR USMC in terms of sheer proliferation.

This particular 119 Special is extra, well, special. First of all, you’ll notice the blade shape has been redrawn. It’s still a clip point, but with the tip lowered, sweeping out to a lesser degree than the standard 119’s tip. Blade length remains 6 inches long, so in a broad sense this 119 can do all the same things as its venerable predecessor. That being said, many hunters prefer a lower tip as it makes accidental puncture of internal organs less likely during field dressing; and dropped tips are the gold standard for many in a more general outdoors role, too.

Then, of course, there’s the blade steel, a hefty piece of MagnaCut. What more is there to say about MagnaCut at this point, other than that it’s pretty cool seeing the cutting edge in knife steel being implemented on one of the most famous production knives in history. Our only other question here is: MagnaCut 110 Folding Hunter when??

Elsewhere, the handle has been upgraded a bit, with coarse-textured Micarta replacing the standard phenolic handle scales. The sheath is made from distressed weather, which compliments the ‘worn in blue jeans’ look of the Micarta.

The Stealth 119 Special is available now, and limited to just 1000 pieces.

Knife in Featured Image: Buck Stealth Run 119 Special

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