New Featherweight Folder Spotted at Spyderco Amsterdam Meet

[All image credits: SpyderCollector]

We’ve been patient, and the time has come at last: Spydercollector just finished uploading his coverage of the 2024 Spyderco Amsterdam Meet. As usual, the Spydie superfan got firsthand access to early production prototypes of incoming models, with permission to photograph and describe several of them for the rest of us to ogle.


The only brand new model (that SpyderCollector was permitted to photograph) this year is the Charisma, an EDC spec’d, absolutely featherlight knife. Even with a 3-inch blade (as SpyderCollector notes, it packs almost as much actual cutting edge as a Paramilitary 2), the Charisma weighs a scant .8 oz. – practically nothing. The blade steel is CTS-BD1N, the scales are made from FRN, and there’s a back lock for securing that slicey-looking blade.

Tenacious R.I.L

Even after all these years, the Tenacious continues to receive love from Spyderco. Check out this new version with all titanium scales and a frame lock – which Spyderco, always one to cite their sources, still calls the Reeve Integral Lock. The blade steel on the one pictured above is 8Cr13MoV, but SpyderCollector also showed a version with a wild, blue-red-purple anodization job and an uncoated D2 blade.

Sage 5 CPM-REX121

The rest of the Amsterdam Meet models are old favorites in new steels, starting off with this Sprint Run Compression Lock Sage 5 with a CPM-REX121 blade. This tool steel’s claim to fame is the ludicrous hardness it can achieve – reports have come in of Rockwell hardness 70-72 – that’s beyond the actual, official top of the scale, which is 70 even.

CPM-15V Models

Finally, there’s a fleet of Golden, Colorado models getting prepped to release with CPM-15V blade steel. This is another super heavy hitter when it comes to wear resistance, and an experts-only steel when it comes to the skill and tools required to sharpen the edge when it does dull. Worth noting about these particular 15V models is that they appear to be slated as ongoing, standard production models, not limited sprints or anything like that; as befits a new steel series, Spyderco chose a uniform handle color to identify the 15V-clad knives across different models: they all come with tan scales. They also feature a specific heat treat from Shawn Houston, known as Big Brown Bear on YouTube – hence the “BBB” blade stamp on these guys.

The full CPM-15V model list goes like this: Military 2, Manix 2 LW, MicroJimbo, Para 3 and Para 3 LW, and Compression Lock Lil’ Native.

No release dates or pricing available on these knives yet, but hopefully we’ll see them sooner rather than later.

Knife in Featured Image: Spyderco Charisma [Image credit: SpyderCollector]

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