New Shop Seeks Funding for Backup Knife that Rides on a Watchband

You might want to add this one to your watch list: The Ultimatest Inc. is looking to crowdfund the EDCest, a tiny fixed blade backup knife that rides, not in your pocket, not on your keyring, but on your watchband.

The idea behind the patent pending concept is simple. As Ultimatest puts it on their Kickstarter page, “Even the tiniest keychain knife is still a pocket knife.” By bringing the entire tool out of the pocket, they hope to create a cutting tool that is useful and highly portable in a way that any “traditional” knife simply isn’t.

It all comes down to the 3D-printed frame sheath, which holds the EDCest when it’s not in use, and then itself slips over a watch band like a belt loop around a belt. To retrieve their tool, users simply push down on the plastic flange in the center of the knife, and lift up. In terms of watch strap compatibility, the EDCest frame sheath can be ordered fitted for the Apple Watch bands, Gshock 5600/5700 straps, or generic 20mm, 22mm, and 24mm bands.

As for the knife itself, it is a very, very small blade, a rectangular full tang tab of steel with a tanto style edge. It is available in two different steels depending on how much users want to spend: the base model is made from a 420HC equivalent called 1.4034, while the premium version features none other than Larrin Thomas’s CPM MagnaCut formula, heat treated by Paul Bos. Generally 420HC doesn’t hold a candle to MagnaCut, but backup knife duties tend to be lightweight so edge retention isn’t going to be the ultimate factor in can end up as when comparing full-size knives.

If the EDCest reaches its funding goal, it is expected to ship out to backers in December. Ultimatest Inc. also states on the page that they plan to add even more strap sizes in the future, and also note that the knife itself is the same across all sheath options, so you can purchase additional sheaths and simply transfer your knife from one to the other at will.

The EDCest is up for backing through October 7th.

Knife in Featured Image: Ultimatest Inc. EDCest

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