New Steels and Handle Materials Added to the Bugout Custom Knife Builder

A handful of significant new options are available for the Bugout in the Benchmade Custom Knife Builder. A pair of new blade steels, one oriented for performance, the other for looks, and two additional handle materials further expand the options on offer for the popular folder.

As you probably know by now, the basic, out-of-the-box Bugout comes with S30V steel. While by no means an underperforming steel, S30V is now two super steel generations out of date; before now, the Custom Knife Builder let you swap it out for CPM-20CV or M4. Joining these options are S90V and Damasteel. S90V offers stain resistance and very high edge retention, at the expense of ease of maintenance; individual mileage may vary, but for our money it might be even harder to sharpen than M4. The Damasteel option trades in performance for beauty; this particular Damasteel is their Ladder pattern, a wavy, almost psychedelic pattern; it looks nothing like any ladder we’ve ever climbed, but we’ll let it slide because it’s pretty. Of the Custom Knife Builder Bugout steel choices, this Damasteel option is the least high performance, but is still an adequate EDC choice.

Two new handle material options also shake things up. You can now order a Bugout with full carbon fiber or titanium scales. The Bugout could be had in carbon fiber previously, in the form of the 535-3, which also comes with S90V blade steel; but now you can get the CF scales with any other steel of your choice. A special edition Bugout with titanium scales is on the way, but in general ti scales have only been available from third parties like Flytanium until now.

Beyond the new stuff, you still have the bevy of existing customization options, which let you tweak the thumb studs, liners, hardware, pocket clip, etc. Customized models cost more than a stock Bugout, of course; the most expensive knife we were able to make ran to $535. Check it out:

Knife in Featured Image: Benchmade Custom Knife Builder Bugout