Newcomer Todd Knife and Tool Co-Founded by YouTuber

Teryl Todd, otherwise known as YouTuber Zelrick42, and his brother Seth are working to establish Todd Knife and Tool. The new outfit aims to make waves in both the production and custom worlds.

TKT evolved out of discussions between the brothers about other knives. “Teryl and I talked a lot about our favorite knives, and the main topic was usually ‘This is great, but I wish it…’” explains Seth. Once the idea was in place, Seth spent more than two years practicing, learning by trial and error in Houston, until he felt like his work was up to snuff. “That was spending just about every free second I had working on it. Along the way Teryl got involved, providing feedback at first and then getting in on the making process.”

Teryl tells us that running a successful YouTube knife channel didn’t alter his decision to make knives of his own. “Knife YouTuber or not, Seth and I would be making knives. It was just convenient that I was already in the industry.” Doing reviews and interacting with the community has given him an acute appreciation for user response that will shape future TKT efforts. “We have been taking feedback and asking the community what they like/dislike about our knives from the very first (and very rough) models,” he says. “So, as the TKT Knives come to market, they will not only be from Seth and I, but also inspired by the knife community.”

The Todd brothers are taking TKT into both the production and the custom markets, but production will come first. The handmade knives they make are prototypes for production models, and most will never be sold. “I love some of the prototypes I’ve made and I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback on them from respected custom knife makers,” Seth says. But in his eyes neither himself nor Teryl are true custom makers yet. “The knives aren’t up to the standard of what I would want people to get if they paid what I would have to charge for them.”

Fans of TKT’s style won’t have long to wait for production versions. Teryl is a US Representative for We Knife Co., and TKT is teaming up with them for collaboration releases. The Roxi, an overbuilt wharncliffe EDC, will be the debut TKT design from We. Its wharncliffe blade and frame lock construction made the transition to high-end production model seamlessly. The result is an overbuilt, tiny tank flipper with an industrial style all its own. “One Instagram follower of WE’s described is as ‘a utility knife with all the knobs turned up to 11.’ I think that’s about right,” Seth tells us.

The production Roxi is slated for a December release, and a 4-inch blade model will follow at some point. Then the flood gates for new models will remain open. “There are probably 3 or 4 other designs that have handmade prototypes and 5 or 6 that are in the design phase,” Seth says. They’re in the talks with multiple production partners. “If things go well there should be at least two additional small knives, two mid-sized EDC knives, and one or two large 4-inch knives in addition to the WE knives out between now and the end of 2019.” He believes the TKT attention to ergonomics, lightweight construction, and purpose will shine through no matter who’s making the knife. “It would be hard to miss one of our designs.”

Todd Knife and Tool Raptor Prototype

Todd Knife and Tool Raptor Prototype

For those in search of a TKT custom, the wait will be a little longer. A few prototypes may be sold in 2019 but in general the shop’s approach remains focused on building relationships and promoting their brand before a consistent stream of custom work is established. “The community…is unlike anything we have every known,” Seth says. “Being a part of it and building lifelong relationships within the community is a big part of what we consider success.”

Knife featured in image: Todd Knife and Tool Roxi Prototype