Next Batch of Kansept Collabs Arrives

Kansept Knives, the company formed by former Kizer employee Kim Ning, just brought out some new models. A pair of Kansept folders are coming from outside collaborators; they differ hugely in their design and application.


The Goblin is the latest production knife from Marshall Noble of Noble Knives; we’ve seen his work in the production realm before, with the Kizer Vindicator. That was a sizable folder, and the Goblin moves in the opposite direction: it is designed for stout, compact everyday carry. In terms of its profile the 2.18-inch blade has an unconventional, chisel-esque shape. Unusual looks aside, it functions like a wharncliffe, with a gently modified, curving main edge that ends in a low but still pierce-capable tip.

S35VN steel gives users a highly capable daily user, and the blade opens with either a front flipper or blade cutout; there’s a titanium frame lock on the off-side scale, with a titanium clip, backspacer, and hardware.


While the Goblin comes to us from a single designer, the Copperhead is a collaboration between two makers: Bobby Branton and Paul Ehlers. Much larger than the Goblin, the Copperhead has a 3.54-inch hawkbill, also made from S35VN. Compared to other blades of its ilk, the hawkbill here is tame, with a fairly mild curvature to its cutting edge. Branton and Ehlers opted for a standard, spine-riding flipper tab running on ball bearings.

The Copper comes with a liner lock, and maybe because of this Kansept is rolling it out in five different handle materials: carbon fiber, black or orange G-10, copper (naturally), and burlap Micarta. And while the Copperhead’s pocket clip is somewhat less ornate than the Goblin’s, it is also made out of sculpted titanium.

Both the Goblin and the Copperhead are arriving with dealers now.

Knife in Featured Image: Kansept Goblin