Nolichucky Jack is the Latest Traditional from RoseCraft Blades

The traditional blades just keep coming over there at RoseCraft. Company GM and designer Andy Armstrong dropped another historically-minded jack knife, called the Nolichucky Jack, which sold through its first run double-fast.

Compared to the last RoseCraft traditional we talked about, the Briarpatch Jack, the Nolichucky simplifies things a bit. It reverts to a single blade, in this case one with a spear point profile. RoseCraft traditionals tend to run a tad larger than comparable designs from, say, Case, and the Nolichucky falls right in line with that trend, with a blade length of 3 inches even. Now, that’s not an unusual size in itself, of course, as it puts the Nolichucky Jack right in the same size class as the average modern EDC folder. And, despite the lack of a lock, it obviously caters to that suite of tasks: slicing up food, opening packages, tackling the miscellaneous cutting chores that pop up in our lives from time to time.

This blade is made from RoseCraft’s – and the industry at large’s – preferred budget knife steel, D2. You know it, you probably have an opinion on it, but it would be hard to argue that, in role on a knife spec’d for general EDC, D2 has plenty of merit. Its edge retention is admirable, its toughness quite good, and, while there’s not enough chromium here to earn it a full ‘stainless’ designation, it’s still a marked step in the right direction compared to, say, 1095.

The ever-so-slightly curving handle on the Nolichucky Jack prioritizes ease of use and flexibility. Like most knives of traditional descent, it forgoes finger grooves and like, opting instead for a clean and intuitive profile that’s no more complicated to pick up ‘correctly’ than, say, a pencil. Like the Briarpatch Jack before it, the Nolichucky’s covers are made from bone – although in this case it’s a lighter, warmer vintage brown bone. There’s a blade-side fluted bolster, and the RoseCraft ‘rose bud’ shield inlaid on the show side cover. The Nolichucky weighs 3 oz.

According to RoseCraft, more Nolichucky jacks are on the way. You sign up to be notified when they arrive on RoseCraft’s site.

Knife in Featured Image: RoseCraft Blades Nolichucky Jack

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