Olamic Cutlery Serves up Slipjoint Appetizer

Olamic Cutlery is putting the finishing touches on the Appetizer, its first non-locking production knife. The Appetizer benefits from Olamic’ bevy of customization options, and even expands upon them with a swappable backspacer component.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: the Appetizer is the smallest knife that Olamic has released thus far: its leaf-shaped blade is just 1.75 inches long. This could make it an ideal backup or dress knife, but for many, this will be enough for day-to-day cutting chores, and the CTS-XHP blade steel should hold up for a good long while in that role.

The Appetizer comes set up with two different opening mechanism: a long, arced blade cutout, and a front flipper. This is indeed a non-locking knife, with the detent-style retention device that is common for slipjoints that still want to benefit from the speed and ease of modern, one-hand opening methods.

Various Appetizers showing off the different backspacers

We’re looking at a handle here that is both simple and cute, with a pint-sized pistol grip at the back end – and it’s there that we also see the other big selling point on the Appetizer. Every knife model Olamic releases comes with tons of options, and the Appetizer continues and expands on that tradition with three different backspacer available, each of which packs in a different secondary function: you can get it with a bottle opener, lanyard loop, or carabiner; for those who want to keep things simple, there is a plain version without the multifunctional backspacer element as well. All configurations have full titanium handle scales and a sculpted titanium pocket clip.

No release date has been given for the Appetizer’s full induction into Olamic’s production lineup, although it did show up in prototype form at the USN Gathering last weekend.

Knife in Featured Image: Olamic Appetizer