Olamic Table Seeks to Fill the Gap of Cancelled Knife Shows

Since the coronavirus pandemic went into full swing, the entire world has been facing serious challenges and dramatic changes, and the knife community is no exception. Many knife shows are being postponed or outright canceled as the global call for social distancing is heeded. But Olamic Cutlery is seeking to provide a safe alternative to traditional knife shows during this trying time. Olamic Table is a “virtual knife show” that the California-based company hopes will take some of the sting out of staying home.

Olamic Table seeks to digitally recreate the experience of visiting Olamic’s booth at your favorite knife show. That means that you’ll be able to purchase exclusive table knives from the site. For each cancelled/postponed show, Olamic will be putting up a corresponding batch of knives, which they would have brought in person to the show in question. These knives will be available for purchase starting at the same time the canceled show would’ve begun.

This should give fans of Olamic a chance to get their hands on blades they would normally have to travel to a show to acquire. But knife shows aren’t just about purchasing; there’s also a major social aspect. They provide an opportunity for knife enthusiasts to convene and talk about their hobby with like-minded individuals. Olamic is recreating this angle as well with their Table; they’ll be incorporating a live chat feature into the site, as well as coordinating group video calls during those original show times.

The idea for the Olamic Table came about after the postponement of IWA OutdoorClassics to September. Because it was set to occur right around the time the coronavirus pandemic was growing into a clear and international emergency, makers weren’t given much notice before the big decision was made. Thus, many knife companies found themselves with products they had made with the intention of bringing to Germany – Olamic included. Olamic decided to get those knives to their customers in a creative, social distance-conscious way that they hope other makers will follow.

Olamic Table will be kicking off these concepts this weekend to coincide with the original dates for the Hawaii Custom Knife & Tactical Show, which officially announced its postponement last month. However, the previously scheduled time and dates will provide Olamic’s virtual knife show concept with their first bit of socializing. The festivities are set to begin at 9am HST/12pm PST/3pm EST on Saturday, April 18th.

Knife in Featured Image: Olamic