Ontario Knife Company Releases Affordable Titanium Frame Lock

Ontario Knife Company is readying the Shikra for distribution. This is the first new for 2020 folder from the company and comes spec’d as an affordable, utility-first EDC design with a few surprise premium details.

OKC doesn’t release a ton of new folders, but those that have come out over the last few years tended to emphasize EDC qualities. The Shikra follows in that mold, with a 3.2 inch blade made from AUS-8. OKC gave the Shikra a spear point shape with a curved main edge and a highly acute tip – and that acuteness is further emphasized with a large swedge on top. The Shikra is currently only on offer with a blackwash blade finish.

The handle favors a more minimalist approach than the blade, with only minor ergonomic shaping to suggest, without dictating, ways to hold the knfie. A long but shallow finger groove helps to shape a mild finger guard and provides access to the frame lock during closure; further down the handle a very mild swell helps fill in the grip. The show side scale is made from a piece of tan linen Micarta, with a few milling lines to create some visual texture.

Users will find a bit of a surprise on the lock side scale. Even though the Shikra is positioned as a budget-friendly knife in the tradition of the OKC Rat folders, it does have a premium knife feature: a titanium frame lock scale. The locking arm even comes with a stainless steel interface to protect against wear over time. The titanium locking and Micarta show scale add up to a lightweight knife: the Shikra tips the scales at 3.2 oz. It comes with a loop over pocket clip that can be swapped between tip up and tip down carry on the lock side, but not repositioned to the front scale.

OKC has been keeping relatively quiet so far this year. In fact, the Shikra is the first major release they’ve put out in 2020. At SHOT they also showcased a few other knives, including a new variant of the Journeyman with a tanto blade, but no release date has been given for that knife.

The Shikra is available now.

Knife in Featured Image: Ontario Knife Company Shikra