Ostap Hel Draws up Slipjoint Version of Minimis Fixed Blade

Among the cool stuff Civivi brought to Blade Show West this weekend was a folding, slipjoint version of the Minimis, an EDC fixed blade designed by Ostap Hel and released last year.

The original fixed blade Minimis is a latterday entry in a cult classic sube-genre: the pocket-sized, everyday carry fixed blade. With no scales, a skeletonized handle, and a blade length of just 2 inches, the Minimis was a minimalist fixie that carried almost like a folding pocket knife. It even came with a pocket clip on its Kydex sheath, bringing it even closer to its collapsible counterparts in terms of how it was carried.

Now with this prototype, Hel and Civivi have crossed the fixed blade/folder gap completely, adapting the Minimis design to the more mechanically complex EDC flipper genre. The most obvious and important change is the implementation the folding pivot, of course. The Minimis Folder’s blade is opened with an in-line flipper and, at 2.6 inches in length, is markedly longer than the original. It also changes the steel from 10Cr15 to Nitro-V – a swap that we imagine most people will be pleased with.

Interestingly, the transition to a folding design does not mean the Minimis now has a lock. This is a slipjoint knife, with the double detent system that, in its various forms, is popular when designers want to make a non-locking knife with more modern opening devices (the traditional backspring-style setup doesn’t play well with flippers, for instance). A swanky new wire clip is in place on these prototypes, and we’ve seen versions with black G-10 or hand rubbed copper so far.

In terms of release date for the Minimis Folder, the best info we have says around January 2023; no retail price has been given at this time.

Knife in Featured Image: Civivi Minimis Folder

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