Ostap Hel Serves up Civivi’s First Kitchen Knife

Blade Show 2024 is a wrap, but there’s always more to talk about in the knife world. Over the weekend the spotlight was on new models from We Knife Co., but of course sister brand Civivi had much to show too – one of which being the company’s first ever kitchen knife.

As befits a company taking their first crack at kitchen cutlery (well, other than a pair of kitchen scissors; when did those release?), Civivi decided to start with a Chef Knife, the centerpiece of any kitchen cutlery suite, the kitchen knife you want if you can only have one kitchen knife, and one you still need even if you have more. The company tapped multivalent designer Ostap Hel for this one, and the maker settled on a mid-sized configuration for the Cibus, which sports a 7.87-inch cutting edge.

The black blade version of the Cibus

That should give budding and seasoned chefs enough edge to work with, without overegging the pudding and making something so large as to be unwieldy when detail-oriented food prep chores rear their diminutive head. Hel’s subtly refined version of the Western chef knife spear point blade shape certainly helps the Cibus stand out from the pack on a visual level; but it doesn’t seem like it will work any differently than its many predecessors on a fundamental level; in other words, this is a knife that should be immediately intuitive for most users. The 14C28N steel used here brings the high levels of corrosion resistance many desire for working with foodstuffs, in addition to decent edge retention and a generally easy-to-sharpen demeanor.

The handle material too is a sensibly chosen one. Slabs of G-10 lay on top of the full tang; this multifunctional composite is warm to the touch and grippy, even when wet. Seeings as the Cibus is intended as a working knife, Civivi did not get too outre with the color options here: you can get a satin finish Cibus with green G-10 scales, or a blacked out model with coated blade and matching G-10 scales for all your low-profile tactical food prep needs.

No official release date for the Cibus yet, but it shouldn’t be too long befor you can bring this one into your kitchen.

Knife in Featured Image: Civivi Cibus

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