Bounty Hunter’s Life or Death Struggle Inspires Para-Claw Karambit

Outdoor Edge is growing their tactical knife offerings with the Para-Claw, a small karambit blade concealed in a paracord bracelet. The Para-Claw was designed in conjunction with a professional bounty hunter as a concealable and lightweight backup knife.

Outdoor Edge President David Bloch says the origin of the Para-Claw was a homemade tool carried by bounty hunter Fugi Escobido. “His brainchild was to take a small claw knife with a sheath, and tie a paracord bracelet to it so he could wear it on his wrist as an EDC defense blade,” Bloch explains.

Bloch and his team pursued the Para-Claw concept after hearing the story about how the jury-rigged original ended up saving its inventor. While trying to apprehend a fugitive, the suspect made a grab for Escobido’s sidearm. In the close proximity struggle, the veteran bounty hunter managed to deploy his makeshift Para-Claw and slice the top of the fugitive’s hand. This gave him a window to control the injured fugitive before the situation escalated further.

Outdoor Edge Para-Claw

Knowing they were on to something big, Outdoor Edge began adapting the design for production. Escobido’s homemade version lacked a retention lock, so a patent-pending mechanism was developed to retain the 1.5-inch karambit blade. “I focused to refine the blade design for compactness and to maximize grip, ergonomics and cutting effectiveness,” Bloch says.

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Like with any paracord bracelet, users can remove and replace the cordage if the need arises. Though the knife might also appeal to doomsday preppers and survivalists, Outdoor Edge is positioning the Para-Claw as a lightweight self-defense weapon. “Regardless of if they live in a safe neighborhood, there are a lot of people who want to be prepared,” says Outdoor Edge’s Colin Wayne. “You have an effective blade that can safely and quickly be deployed in confidence – when you need it most.”

The Para-Claw will be offered in small, medium, and large sizes. The blade and locking buckle will be sold separately for do-it-yourselfers who want to make their own bracelet from scratch. The knife buckle on its own will cost $19.95, while any size of the full-featured model will cost $29.95. It will be showing up at stores by the first half of July. You can preorder the Para-Claw from Outdoor Edge now over the phone.

Knife featured in image: Outdoor Edge Para-Claw

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