PDW Brings out New Batch of Ti Scales for Swiss Army Knives

Prometheus Design Werx is taking a break from knife models and returning to knife modding with this week’s release, the newest batch of titanium replacement scales for Swiss Army Knives. The PDW Ti-SAK scales help handy knife owners deck out their favorite 91mm SAK with high-end scales sporting the super clean PDW aesthetic.

Knife modding has exploded in the last decade alongside the rest of the knife market. Not only are there lots of talented machinists willing to make scales, regrind blades, and more for your favorite knife, there are entire companies, like Flytanium, dedicated solely to creating non-stock parts for popular models. Naturally Swiss army knives were swept up in the modding rush; they’re the perfect combination of affordable, ubiquitous, and, at least when it comes to the scales, easy to tinker with.

The pocket clip can be swapped out for other aftermarket options

PDW’s newest set of Ti-Sak scales, like previous versions, are made for Swiss army knives in the 91mm size class. If you aren’t familiar, Victorinox models are sorted into broad categories according to the length of their frame; the 91mm class includes lots of the models that are most loved today, like the Tinker family, Spartan, Hiker, and even the almighty SwissChamp XAVT. Apparently, no adhesive is necessary, with the scales designed to be press fit right onto the SAK chassis after the standard Cellidor scales have been removed – which, again, is itself a very simple process. And yes, if you’re worried, they do have the requisite slows for toothpick/tweezers if your SAK of choice includes those extras.

In addition to, y’know, being made from everyone’s favorite non-ferrous metal, the 2022 PDW Ti-SAK scales come with a glow-in-the-dark dot inlay, and you can get them with or without the signature PDW fullerized look. Maybe best of all, the Ti-SAK scales come with a pocket clip, also made from titanium. Lack of a pocket clip has always been a sticking point for would-be SAK users, and these scales not only provide one, but made sure to utilize the fairly common three-screw attachment setup, so the Ti-SAK scales should accommodate a wide variety of other pocket clips. Thus, yes, you can actually mod your mod, if you want.

The Ti-SAK scales are dropping this afternoon on PDW’s site.

Knife in Featured Image: [Left to right] Victorinox Tinker, Victorinox Explorer with Ti-SAK Scales

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